1- Is a funeral pre-arrangement revocable?

A funeral pre-arrangement is always revocable. You can also have your funeral arrangements executed in another region if you decide to move. Also, if you find a better price elsewhere, you can revoke your pre-arrangements and make alternate arrangements with another funeral home.

2- Are pre-arranged funeral prices guaranteed?

Pre-arranged funeral prices are always guaranteed. Even if current prices go up, your price will not increase.

3- How do I know that Sérénia will still be around in the future?

Sérénia is a subsidiary of Groupe LeSieur Légaré, a respected funeral institution established in St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu that has been in existence since 1920. Moreover, all funds invested in a funeral pre-arrangement are deposited in a trust fund that is separate from the funeral home. Therefore, the funds will still be there even if the funeral home were to close. You can rest assured that in the event of your death, your wishes will be respected.

4- Do I absolutely have to use a funeral home if someone dies?

Funeral directors have a government mandate to claim Quebec pension benefits and fill out the death certificate. However, it is possible to have a funeral outside a funeral home.

5- I have no need for a prearranged funeral, since I have life insurance.

Life insurance provides a payout upon the death of the named beneficiary or estate as the case may be. The life insurance policy beneficiary has no obligation to spend any of the proceeds on funeral services. In addition, the claim process takes a few weeks in the best of cases, and it will most often not even begin before the funeral takes place. Meanwhile, the family will have to advance the money to settle the bill for the funeral. Funeral pre-arrangement funds, on the other hand, are the first source of money to which the family is entitled when a death occurs.

6- I do not need to make pre-arrangements, I will be entitled to an R.R.Q. benefit.

To receive an R.R.Q. death benefit, the deceased must have contributed sufficiently to the system. Failing this, no benefits will be payable. Furthermore, if a benefit is payable, it often takes several months to receive it.

7- How much time do I have for making payments?

It is possible to pay in full in one installment, at 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or 2 years. The timeframe is up to the client. With Sérénia, this process is interest-free.

8- What is the advantage of dealing with Sérénia?

Sérénia is a funeral broker, which means we negotiate the best price for a funeral home in your area. With our strong industry knowledge and influence, we usually obtain an average 30 to 40% discount on funeral arrangements. We can also offer you economical choices that traditional funeral homes do not offer you.

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