Funeral Brokerage

We get you the best rates from the most prominent funeral homes

Funeral Brokerage

Valuable help in a stressful situation, at no cost

Funeral Brokerage

Best prices guaranteed, no hidden fees

Why choose Sérénia?

Our expertise and knowledge of reputable funeral homes guarantee you get the best prices.

What to do when a loved one passes?

We accompany you step by step through funeral arrangements Call Sérénia.

Need our services?

We obtain preferential rates for you from prominent funeral homes.

Sérénia Funeral Brokers

The First Company to Offer Funeral Brokerage Services in Quebec

When you are grieving the loss of a loved one, it is extremely difficult to negotiate funeral expenses with a clear head. In these conditions, most people end up paying far too much. That’s why Sérénia created the funeral brokerage concept. One call and your broker will care of everything, staying within your budget. Sérénia will negotiate each of your requests with the most prominent funeral homes, and is committed to always find you best prices. We can guide you and answer all your questions up front; after that, you can leave the details to us and be free to concentrate on your loved ones.
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Sérénia – Experienced Funeral Brokers with an Advantage

  • Sérénia’s brokers have been working in the funeral sector for three generations.
  • They know the margins and can recognize the difference between necessity and luxury.
  • Our consultants are at your service, free of charge.
  • We have served a number of well-known personalities, politicians and artists over the years.
  • You can rely on our experienced consultants to look after your interests in your time of grief.
  • Sérénia is an independent Quebec company.

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